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Begin Journaling Today!

January 7, 2013

The essence of this blog is simply this – begin the habit of keeping a journal and your life will change dramatically. In order for you to follow through with that suggestion, or even begin journaling, you must clearly see the value in the process or otherwise life will get in the way and you won’t take the time to get started.

When I ask people if they keep a journal the most frequent answer they give me is no. When I ask them why, the most common answer they have is “I don’t have the time”. Others will say they don’t journal because they never even thought about it. A small group will say they keep a journal for one part of their life (like exercising) or they started a journal once but, quit after a time.

What if I could show you, through the outcomes of some of the greatest journalers in history, that the process of capturing your thoughts and ideas in a journal can give you uncommon success in anything you do?  That’s exactly what I intend to do.

I began the journal discipline on a hit or miss basis while recording my training for a bicycle event. I had a goal to complete a 190 mile bicycle trip and recorded all my workouts plus the day’s weather, gear worn, and food consumed. It resulted in 3 great trips of 190 miles each. I then started a quasi journal while reading books just to note important quotes and concepts that I wanted to remember. As I read biographies of people who had accomplished great things in their lives I noticed a recurring theme – they frequently maintained the regular discipline of keeping a journal. I decided at that point to do more than just keep notes on a legal pad and begin a bona fide journal. In Sir Richard Branson’s book Losing My Virginity he noted how he simply used the everyday high school notebooks for his journaling discipline. I bought several of those and began the process in earnest. I dated each entry, and eagerly trapped thoughts and ideas as they came up. I realized how many ideas come and go in my mind when you don’t trap them.

As I honored my thoughts more thoughts magically appeared. I began to realize that the process of journaling actually changes your thinking processes. It changed the way I thought. My thinking became more creative. Why did I not understand earlier in my life how the simple process of trapping ideas in a journal dramatically increases your productivity, clarifies your thinking and makes you exponentially more productive? Why did someone like Charles Dickens or Sir Richard Branson know intuitively in their teens the importance of a journal? How would my life have been different if I had begun this process at a young age.

The reality is it is never too late. You can begin anytime and Journaling 101 is where we will begin tomorrow.

One Comment
  1. Thanks to you I’ve started journaling each morning and I’m doing so in a plain notebook. In the past I had purchased fancy journals to capture my ideas. The problem was that I would only write thoughts that seemed worthy of the beauty of the fancy journal. If I didn’t have time to make my entry just right, I didn’t do it. Consequently, my journal entries were few. The plain notebook has definitely liberated me and my creativity. Perfectionism out! Possibilities in! Thank you!

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